All-over-IP 2018. Moscow, November!
The Next Big Thing
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    3 days. 5600 high-profile visitors. 75% sales-partners. 25% end-users.
    28% transportation and retail. 27.4% oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities

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    3 days. 5600 high-profile visitors. 75% sales-partners. 25% end-users.
    28% transportation and retail. 27.4% oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities

Conference and Exhibition 2018

  • Machine Vision: Embedded Vision, AI, Neural Networks, Face Recognition, Multi Camera Applications
  • Residential x Digital: Automation, Smart Security, IoT, Smart Metering, Access Control and IP Intercom
  • Access Control Academy: Video-Enabled Access Control, Solutions for Heavy People Flows, Mobile Access
  • Integrated Security and PSIM: PSIM Platforms, Situation Awareness, Cybersecurity
  • ICT Infrastructure for Digital Economy: SDN, Data Centres, Automation, Virtual Infrastructure
  • Smart City: AI, Cloud, IoT, VSaaS, Security Monitoring, Biometrics as a Service, Wireless Connectivity
  • Global Keynote Theatre: Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, VCA, Deep Learning
  • Data Protection and Print Optimization: Embedded Security, IoT Security, Cloud-Based Document Management
  • Anti-Drone: Integrated Security
  • Biometric Congress: Behavioral Biometrics, AI, Facial Recognition, Data Protection
  • Security as a Service: Neural Networks, Blockchain

All-over-IP 2018

1. Increasing the audience by 25% – through a sophisticated value proposition. We are taking an in-depth look into the market. Companies willing to differentiate and get higher sales results join The Show Advisory Board. Through market research and close connection with the Advisory Board, we are able to introduce a wider range of show attractors and new topics. This enables us to include a wider audience in our marketing campaigns. The target for 2018 is 5620 highly-engaged visitors.

2. Providing at least 60% of new visitors – through getting onsite specific audience groups in accordance with exhibitors' criteria and reaching out to them with exhibitors' announcements.

3. Enhancing visitor profile by 7 to 10% – through sticking to the higher-level of speakers as well as introducing discussions on technology purchasing and TCO reduction strategies.

4. Exhibition attendance growth – through getting seminars and workshops back to the expo area, introducing guided booth tours for end-users and resellers, and supporting global brands' marketing departments in their activities.

5. Increasing resellers' quality and quantity – through scheduling a series of events on driving sales and distribution in the channel, and setting a guide on value-add products on display that will give system integrators and installation contractors a competitive advantage.

6. Further growth in end-user attendance – through enhancement of their experience onsite. Earlier, the forum was focused on bringing awareness to advanced technology and trends as such. Now, the effects of implementing new technology and following disruptive trends in specific verticals shall be put at the heart of the conversation. The number of end-users taking on an active role in sharing insights at the stage will be increased.

Today, All-over-IP is an environment where businesses can sense and source the right approach to technology investments, open up new markets, establish vital connections, and understand how they could best get their companies into shape for the digital economy.

November 21–23, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo