All-over-IP Report on the Russian market demands 2018–2019

All-over-IP 2018 that resulted in a business forum taking place on November in Moscow for the 12th time connected 109 exhibitors and 131 speakers with 6496 visitors, and was supported by 9 partners including AxxonSoft, Basler AG, VIVOTEK, Electronika, dormakaba, Canon, Russian Biometric Society, International Association of Architects and Engineers, and The Internet of Things Association.

All-over-IP 2018 visitor geography

The Report Features

  • new topics and new audience groups;
  • new attractors and audience dynamics;
    - total attendance;
    - number of leads generated;
    - end-user and sales channel shares in the audience;
    - congress attendance
  • visitor geography;
  • exhibitors' opinion on the audience quality;
  • Russian market interests and demands;
  • technology segments and trends growing and gaining traction;
  • steps to ensure exhibitor and visitor satisfaction or disappointment;
  • All-over-IP here and now;
  • AOIP Agenda 2019;
  • main takeaways from joining All-over-IP in 2019;
  • partners and sponsors 2019

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