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End-Users Have Identified Top 5 Technologies for 2018

All-over-IP, organised by Groteck Business Media, is pleased to announce the 10th successful year for the leading industry event for IP, vision and smart technology in Russia. Of the show's 4496 attendees over the three days in 2017, end-users accounted for 25%. Of those, 28% managed crowded places such as transportation and retail, and 27,4% managed critical infrastructure such as oil&gas businesses and industrial assets. We are going to further enhance end-users' experience at the show. The effects of implementing new technology in specific verticals shall be put at the heart of the conversation in 2018.

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All-over-IP to Turn into an Unparalleled Education Hub

A record number of All-over-IP visitors attended this year's speaking sessions over the past 10 years. In 2017, the conference attendance grew by 30,7% compared to 2016.

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Catch Your Chance Until Ho Ho Ho!

A week ago we held our 10th All-over-IP show. It was a blast. We were not aiming at achieving any records, but still we did.

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All-over-IP 2017: The Future Mapped Out in Moscow

Moscow, Russia. On November 22–24, 2017 All-over-IP celebrated its 10th anniversary to let the global and local digital community better embrace a new round of technology revolution. This year's show was sponsored by AxxonSoft, Basler AG, dormakaba, Dahua Technology, Intra, Speech Technology Centre, and partnered with Russian Biometric Society.

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