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Siklu Communication: Getting Our Vision Across to the Russian Market

Moscow citizens may have noticed a growing number of 30-meter utility poles with telecommunication equipment installed. Multi-Gigabit connectivity for the last mile is provided with Siklu's radios operating in the 60,70-80 GHz uncongested mmWave bands. It's now three years in a row that Siklu Communication joins All-over-IP to get their vision of leveraging mmWave technology in city surveillance and smart city applications across to the Russian market.

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Basler AG: Continuing High Standard of Lead Generation and Customer Conversation

A major leader in driving adoption of machine vision technology across a wide range of industry verticals in Russia, Basler AG celebrated their 7th year as a Machine Vision Sponsor at All-over-IP in 2019. Vladimir Plyusnin, Regional Sales Manager at Basler AG, is sharing his audience quality insights.

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OSRAM: Together We Made It!

Making their debut appearance at All-over-IP 2019, the famous OSRAM Corporation introduced powerful lighting solutions that change the traditional approach to most demanding optical systems in video surveillance, machine vision and biometrics applications. OSRAM joined All-over-IP 2019 as a show sponsor for wider recognition of their expertise and exclusive offering among local customers. OSRAM Business Development Manager – Farkhad Mamadaliev has shared his impression of their journey towards new markets in Russia.

 Photo of Gerrit-Willem Prins, Head of Sales Europe, OSRAM LED Engin 

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