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Physical Security Business in Russia 2017–2018. All-over-IP Market Report

The Russian physical security market was approximately 70 billion rubles (1.115,800 billion USA dollars) by the end of 2017. The All-over-IP Team has spoken with major Russian security suppliers and end-users to unveil key findings on the local security market.

Of the three main businesses that make up the security market in Russia, Video Surveillance remains the biggest one with a share of around 45%. The fire and intruder alarm business is close with 35% of market share. The access control business takes 20% of market share.


Fire and Intruder Alarms

In 2017, the Russian fire and intruder alarm market was likely to stick with the same size as in 2016. Much of that came from fire detectors. The market segment composed of global fire and intruder vendors shrank more than others. In 2018, the market is expected to show zero growth, yet it is not predicted to end up with a decline as a consistent fire safety strategy is required by national fire codes for all types of businesses. An increase in residential and commercial construction as well as further developments in fire safety legislation will drive the fire and intruder alarms market in Russia.

Video Surveillance

The Russian video surveillance market delivered 5–10% growth in 2017. Much of the growth came from IP and AHD solutions. The local customer is interested in turnkey solutions fully packaged with software and hardware components. Many IP camera manufacturers provide free of charge VMS and basic video analytic software in their camera offering. The average prices on the market collapsed due to accelerating in sales of low-cost products. Anyway, growth might be driven by going beyond security strategies.

Access Control

In 2017, the Russian access control market grew by nearly 10% compared to 2016. Yet, an access control system can occasionally consist of an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock and a controller, resulting in the meager market share. The total cost of such a solution is rather low but it sells best. Volume can be obtained by selling software, integrated solutions, IP intercom, and mechanical barriers. Penetration of advanced technology, a rise in new office buildings and shopping capacity as well as policies aiming at encouraging business will drive further growth of the access control market in Russia. The use of mobile access, biometric ID and integration software platforms are to enhance user experience and help them stay competitive against rivals.

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