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21 Web-based Access Control Benefits Impacting Russian Customers Purchasing Decisions

Russian security experts who are involved in developing 2017 All-over-IP Expo and Conference agenda have identified 21 benefits of web-based access control that matter most for Russian customers and impact their purchasing decisions.

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AOIP 2017 Calls for Outstanding Speakers!

The Call For Papers for All-over-IP 2017 – that is celebrating 10 years of excellence – is now open for global IT, surveillance and security vendors. The show takes place in Moscow, Nov 22-24, 2017.

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More Direct Connections with Russian End-Users

All-over-IP returns from 22 to 23 November 2017 in Moscow with an agenda that aims at increasing the number of connections between global brands and Russian end-users, and delivering more direct requests from the Russian market.

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5 Markets to Sell Embedded Vision to in Russia

In the machine vision world, an increasing number of solution providers develop applications based on embedded computing technology. Embedded means that individual components of a vision system are combined in one device in these applications. System integrators can now make a small system with enough processing power to do something useful with vision – and that doesn’t cost too much – which they couldn't do five years ago.

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5 Changes in IP Camera Buyer Behavior in Russia

Choosing from the multiple options available for IP cameras in Russia, buyers often compare up to 20 features. All-over-IP experts have shared their observations on the way local buyers change their behavior towards five popular IP camera features.

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