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Verint Systems: An Exhibition That Is Not

With their return to All-over-IP, Verint Systems became a secret ingredient on the show's PSIM agenda in 2019. A global leader in Actionable Intelligence whose history goes back a long way to 1994, Verint Systems is looking to cooperate with Russian distributors and system integrators for their high-profile projects that require comprehensive solutions to address intelligent data-driven security management and response, ICT, process automation and situational awareness challenges.

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Russian PSIM Market Trends, Drivers and Forecasts

Most businesses in Russia have physical security systems installed. But those often represent multiple unconnected applications and devices that don't communicate with each other which provides poor situational awareness and slows down response time. From the legislative perspective, all is fine as security systems have been deployed. But from the efficiency perspective, the human factor and the time of response remain a challenge. That is why a growing number of security managers in Russia is currently looking for ways to improve their investment performance instead of purchasing new hardware. Andrey Skvortsov, Director Business Development for Electronika (a leading Russian PSIM software platform manufacturer and a sponsor of All-over-IP 2019) has come up with his vision for the future of physical security in a digital economy.

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