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Siklu Communication: Getting Our Vision Across to the Russian Market

Moscow citizens may have noticed a growing number of 30-meter utility poles with telecommunication equipment installed. Multi-Gigabit connectivity for the last mile is provided with Siklu's radios operating in the 60,70-80 GHz uncongested mmWave bands. It's now three years in a row that Siklu Communication joins All-over-IP to get their vision of leveraging mmWave technology in city surveillance and smart city applications across to the Russian market.

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Smart City Conference. Offer Business to Telcos and System Integrators

Smart cities and the IoT are an engine for telcos and system integrators to improve their revenues. The biggest areas of promise are IT connectivity, VSaaS, public transport security, ITS, data centers, IoT platforms, city services based on RFID and biometrics.

These opportunities are to be discussed at All-over-IP 2018, to take place for the 11th time this year on November 21–23 in Moscow.

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