Integrated Security Systems and New User Experience

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The whole security industry is shifting to integrated solutions that incorporate video surveillance, access control, intruder alarms and a broad range of IT services. Integration opens up new enterprise scenarios for security systems and new user experience.

All-over-IP 2017 introduces The Integrated Security Systems Conference.

There are two strategies security vendors have to choose from:

  • offering proprietary total solutions – those are not cheeper to acquire and maintain, but are more simple to set up and run;
  • offering open systems that can integrate with other systems available on the market, and enable multi-vendor installations.
System integrators can stick to:

  • either selling proprietary total security solutions which are easy to install and require minimum maintenance;
  • or building integrated solutions which is more complicated, and requires special expertise and skills. Open-architecture integrated systems could show up as being more expensive; the sales process becomes more complex. But that implies more business opportunities due to intellectual value-add.

The same is with end-users who can:

  • either choose an easy win with proprietary total solutions which offer lower complexity and maintenance;
  • or go for open, truly integrated systems – those are more expensive, and drive up deployment costs. Customers have to train their people on numerous manufacturers; there's even more troubleshooting required. But open systems deliver an entirely different effect: a new user experience and functionality that is not available with proprietary total security solutions.

Conference Speaking Topics

  • Software Integration Options for Multi-Vendor Security Installations.
  • SDK Integrations, API Integrations, Open Protocol Integrations, etc. Different, Equivalent, or Both?
  • Technology Trends Impacting The Control Center Security Operator. Data Visulization for Human Perception.
  • Understanding Benefits of Integration between Business Management Systems, POS, Industrial Workflows Events Monitoring, Transactions, and Video Surveillance and Access Control.
  • Relations Between Security and Business. Risk Management.
  • Statistics as a Tool for Security Systems Maintenance Check-out.

Verticals in Focus

  • Integration Platforms Retail, Production Sector and Banking.
    Capabilities of a Security Integration Platform for Retail, Production and Banking Businesses.
  • Security Challenges for Environments with Different Access Levels (Banks, Fuel Stations, Shopping Malls).
  • Security Considerations for Geographically Dispersed Businesses.
  • Best Practices for Securing Banking Facilities and Operations. Categorizing of Buildings and Threats.


  • Cyber Threats in Physical Security. Cyber Security Trends. Open Source, Cloud Services.
  • Standardization and Vertical Requirements Impacting Integration of Disparate Security Systems under the Umbrella of a Single Interface.
  • Real-World Applications and Examples of PSIM Software in Action in Russia.
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Global vendors and solution providers are welcome to

  • showcase products and services to pre-qualified and highly engaged audience;
  • give an inspiring speech to educate the local market;
  • get introduced to key local industry players and channel partners.


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