Intelligent Video 2.0:
Video Analytics and Storage

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Processing large amounts of monotone multimedia data has never been a human being's strongest point so video analytics and purpose-built solutions for video storage have transformed the video surveillance industry. The increase in computing power opens up new opportunities that  earlier did not relate to video surveillance.

Video Analytics and Video Storage are the fastest growing segments and the highlights of The Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference

Capturing video is not the main objective to accomplish by installing a surveillance system. The goal number one is getting information to support business decisions. This could be planning a retail store layout, improving security and safety, ensuring industrial process control. Intelligent video surveillance can deliver data for this kind of tasks enhancing business performance. What's important is that economic evaluation can be applied to intelligent video surveillance installations. That is one of the most important criteria for businesses when considering the necessity to deploy a security solution.

Market attractiveness is a measure of the potential value of a particular market. That's why a growing number of businesses, especially retail, logistics and manufacturing, are paying consideration to intelligent video surveillance and, if it proves to be cost-effective, invest in it.

Video Analytics Speaking Topics

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance in Retail. Process Optimization and Improving Profits. Heat Mapping.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance in Banking Industry. How to Enhance In-Store Experience and Security for Shoppers.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance for Transportation. Crowd Management, Improving Passengers' Security and Saving Their Time. Protection of Critical Areas.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance for Traffic Control. Current State of Technology and The Next Big Thing.
  • Biometrics: Facing Up to Terrorism. How Efficient Is Face Recognition?
  • Combnining Video Analytics and Tracking Methods. Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Advanced Approaches to Distributed Video Surveillance Systems.
  • MPEG-4, Н.264, Н.265,... Are There Limits to Compression?
  • Why Combining Video with Business Intelligence Creates Actionable Business Insights?
  • Cybersecurity and Responsible Video Surveillance.
  • Improving Speed and Reliability of Video Transmission over The Internet.
  • The Future of Event-Driven and Behavioural Video Analytics.
  • Advances in Cognitive capabilities of Video Analytics Applications
  • Will the IoT Improve Video Analytics?
  • In the Cloud or Onboard? The Most Efficient Location to Analyze Data.
  • Protecting Personal Data (Faces, Vehicle License Plates, Biometrics) in Video Surveillance Installations. Russian vs. Global Experience.

Video surveillance remains the fastest growing market for IT companies. IT installations that have been realized on this market for the past few years can easily compete with largest traditional IT businesses in terms of scale. The current reality of economic slowdown makes the video surveillance market extremely attractive to IT giants.

Without generating event logs that have to stored as long as it needs, intelligent video surveillance is totally out question. A face database has to be sufficient for recognition in specific conditions and should have redundancy for solving specific vertical tasks.

Storage Speaking Topics

  • Going Digital: Challenges and Best Practices for Dealing with Digital Transformation.
  • Video Surveillance as a Service. Regular Cloud Storage vs. Specialized Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance.
  • New Digital Services, or Turning Technology into Business.
  • The Internet of Things and New Business Trends.
  • Business and Video Analytics: The New Horizons.
  • Leveraging Storage Solutions of Various Capacity for Video Surveillance.
  • Load Control Strategies for Video Surveillance Storage.
  • The Role of Storage in Cloud Video Surveillance Applications.
  • Object-Based Storage as a New Standard for Video Content and Big Data.

Video Surveillance and Storage Vendors

AxxonSoft • Basler AG • Dahua Technology • D-TEG • KEDACOM • MICRODOGITAL Inc. • RVi • Safer • Seagate • Synology • WD • AAM Systems • ARMO Systems • BEWARD • BIC-Inform • Bolid • EVS • DSSL • Integra-S Consortium • IPDROM • IPMatika • SBT Group • Speech Technology Centre • STA Group • Tahion • Video-Control • Viinex

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The Conference. Visitors' Profile

  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Head of Department
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Chief Security Officer
  • Morton Grad Apartments, Head of Department
  • LANIT, Head of Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • Beltel, Chief Project Engineer
  • Gazprombank, Chief Security Officer
  • Sberbank of Russia, Chief Security Officer
  • Asteros, Head of Engineering Department
  • Asteros, Head of Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • NIKA MOTORS, Low Voltage Systems Engineer
  • Executive Committee of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications, ICT Officer
  • Tulsky Promyshlennik Bank, CISO
  • Center-Invest Bank, Automatic Control Systems Officer
  • LEADER GROUP, Business Development Director
  • Stroy-Vest, Senior Engineer
  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Head of Department
  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Security Officer
  • USSR Fitness Clubs, Security Manager
  • Hals Development, Senior Low Voltage Systems Engineer
  • Domodedovo International Airport, Corporate Security Analyst
  • VTB Arena Park, Senior Officer
  • Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Head of Department
  • Asteros, Head of Security Department
  • Renaissance Credit Bank, Chief Informatoin Security Risk Officer

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