10th International ALL-OVER-IP 2017 Expo and Conference | Nov 22, 23, 24 | Moscow, Sokolniki Expo, Pavilion 4
Programme – Nov 22, 2017, Wednesday
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machine vision
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smart city.
digital transformation

ceo sessions

integrated security systems
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dahua academy
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10:30–10:50 All-over-IP 2017 Official Opening. Strategic Addresses by AxxonSoft, Basler AG, Dahua AG, dormakaba, Intra.

11:00–11:10 Sponsor's Opening Address. Basler AG.

11:10–11:50 Choosing The Best Embedded Platform for Your Journey. Maxim Soroka, CEO, ViTec

11:00–11:45 The Road Towards Smart Cities and Regions. Digital Transformation Scenarios and Technologies. Alexander Danilin, Business Development Manager, ISV Cloud Solutions Government & CityNext, Microsoft
11:00–11:45 What It's Like Being The Foreign CEO of a Russian Bank. Stuart Lawson, Senior Advisor for Financial Institutions and Government Initiatives in Russia and the CIS, Ernst & Young; Representative of the Management Board of the Moscow Branch of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
11:00–11:10 Sponsor's Opening Address. dormakaba.

11:15–11:50 The Genetics and Selection of Security Systems. Andrey Khristoforov, CSO, AxxonSoft
11:00–11:45 Latest Products by Offered by Dahua Technology (ePoE, XVR and other). Vladimir Loretsyan, Technical Sales Engineer, Dahua Technology Russia
12:00–12:45 Importance of a Good SDK for a Lean and Cost-Effective Software Development. Momchil Binev, Product Platform Manager – Software, Basler AG
12:00–12:20 Developing a Consistent Approach to Smart Cities. Grigory Bochechka, Chief Innovation Officer, National Research Institute of Electronic Technology
12:30–12:50 Video Surveillance Wireless Connectivity Powered by Siklu. Maxim Redin, CTO, Siklu Communication

12:00–12:45 Key Technology, or Technology as a Key. Yakov Volkind, St. Petersburg Branch Director, AxxonSoft

12:00–12:20 Alternative Approach to Integration with ERP Systems. Advantages of Direct Interaction Between SAP and Physical Access Control Tools. Sergey Efremov, Software Engineer, dormakaba

12:30–12:50 A Systematic Approach to Automate Time and Attendance, Data Management and the Payroll Process. Valery Zastavnyuk, SAP Analyst, FERRERO Russia // Valentina Shlykova, Director Personnel Administration and IT Systems Support, FERRERO Russia
12:00--12:45 Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Russia. Svetlana Vodyanova, CEO, J'son & Partners Consulting Russia

13:00--13:45 Utilizing PCI Express – a High-Bandwidth Interface for Vision Applications. Seriously? Maxim Larin, CEO, XIMEA

13:30–13:50 Development Beyond the Sensor. The Value of Heritage in Sony Industrial Camera Design. Ivan Emelyanov, Project Manager, Fotonika (official distributor of Sony industrial cameras for the Russian territory)

13:00–13:30 City on the Move: The Digital Future of Transportation. Vladimir Karagioz, Sales Consulting Senior Manager, Oracle

13:00–13:45 Building an Innovation and Disruption Strategy. Alex Zarrabi, CEO, TBS Biometrics
13:00–13:45 LyriX – The Platform for Integration of Multiple Security Devices and Applications Across a Geographically Dispersed Network. Ekaterina Ramakoti, Adviser to Director, LyriX Business Unit, AAM Systems
13:00--13:45 Smart Environment: High Expectations for End-Users and Challenges for Regulatory Agencies. Alevtina Kamelkova, Advisor ICT Business Unit, Baker McKenzie

ceo sessions

14:00–14:20 Leveraging Machine Vision for Traditional Applications: from Physical Access Control to Video Surveillance. Andrey Zhukov, Director Machine Learning Systems Development, Big Data Competence Centre, Technoserv

14:30--14:50 Deep Neural Networks to Take On Embedded Vision in Real Industrial and Security Installations. Boris Vishnyakov, Head of Laboratory for Image Analysis, FGUP GosNIIAS (State Research Institute of Aviation Systems)

14:00–14:20 Exploring Digital Transformation of Public Transport in Smart Cities. Timur Nurmagomedov, IoT Business Development Lead, Russian Railways

14:30–14:50 First Results in Ticket Vending Machines Centralized Monitoring and Management. Ilya Knyazev, CEO, PSS // Kirill Kislyakov, Deputy Director Operating Income and Control, GUP Mosgortrans
14:00–14:45 IT Transformation in Russia. Andrey Kuchinsky, ex Sales Director, Dell EMC and ex Sales Director Storage Division, HP
14:00–14:20 Lessons Learned in Large Scale System Integration. Andrey Skvortsov, Director Business Development, PSC Electronika

14:30–14:50 VideoXpert VMS. Advanced Opportunities for Pelco's New and Existing Customers. Svetoslav Antyushin, Area Manager, Pelco by Schneider Electric (Russia and CIS)
14:00–14:45 Why Most Venture-Backed Companies Fail. Leonid Malygin, President, Mallenom Systems

15:00--15:20 Case Studies for Energy Independent Visual Road Traffic Monitoring Systems Based On Deep Learning and ARM64. Sergey Laskin, CEO, Prizma

15:30--15:50 The Secret to Overcoming Challenges of Intelligent Transportation Systems with Machine Vision. Albert Valiullin, Director Hardware Development, Avtodoria // Igor Moskovtsev, System Developer, Avtodoria

15:00–15:30 Sustainable Urban Transport in the Digital World. Moscow Best Practices. Dmitry Ufaev, Counsellor, Moscow Department of Transport

15:30–15:50 Discussions. Q&A
15:00–15:45 Hardware Accelerated Video Content Analysis and The Internet of Things. How This Works for Surveillance. Anders Johansson, Director EET, Milestone Systems

15:00–15:20 The Role of Biometrics in Integrated Security Strategy. Evaluation of Face Recognition for Automatic Gates. Tamara Morozova, CEO, Recfaces

15:30–15:50 Unified Integration Platform for Enterprise Security Applications. Vladimir Kudelkin, President, Integra-S Consortium

15:00–15:45 Connecting Smart Cities: Intelligent Video Surveillance. Ilan Moshe, VP Business Development, Siklu Communication
16:00–16:45 Potential Impact on Identifying Suspects with Biometric Analytics and Machine Vision. Tatyana Grebneva, CEO, PsyTechnoLab // Maxim Konobeevsky, Deputy Director for Science,PsyTechnoLab // Alexander Kuznetsov, CEO, Fora Robotics
16:00–16:20 Building The Big Data Platform for Your Smart City: Objectives, Challenges, Approaches. Dmitry Kalugin, Chief of Excellence in Public Sector, SAP CIS

16:30–16:50 Improving Transportation Safey with IoT. Scenario and Use Cases. Sergey Redko, Senior Expert Analytics Solutions, SAP CIS
16:00–16:45 Shall We Expect New Technology Breakthroughs in The Era of Commoditization? Murat Altuev, President, AxxonSoft

16:00–16:20 A Smartphone+The Cloud. Next Generation Access Control Systems to Conquer the Market. Vyacheslav Petin, Director Technical Support, ARMO-Systems

16:30–16:50 Access Control in a Mobile World. Three Types of Solutions Available on the Market. Dmitry Shipelov, CTO, AAM Systems

16:00–16:45 Three Megatrends That Will Drive Digital Business Into the Next Decade: Cyber Security, Big Data and AI. Denis Stepanov, Business Development Executive, Frost & Sullivan
Programme – Nov 23, 2017, Thursday
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identity management and access control

smart city. neural networks, ai, the internet of things

global keynote theatre

intelligent video 2.0
sponsored by intra

dahua academy
sponsored by dahua technology

11:00–11:45 Businesses That Are Ready to Implement an IDM Strategy. Andrey Promyslov, CEO, Identigy

11:30–11:50 The Kinds of IDM Solutions You Can Choose From. Dmitry Bondar, Director inRights Business Unit, Solar Security

11:00–11:20 Capitalizing on Disruption on the Road to City Digital Transformation. Lev Levin, Director EMEAR IoT Market Development, Cisco

11:00–11:45 Artificial Intelligence: New Trends in Intelligent Recognition To Change the Future. Alec Liu, Sales Director, KEDACOM
11:00–11:10 Sponsor's Opening Address. Intra.

11:15–11:50 Combining Video Analytics with Other Tracking Methods. Ivan Tsarev, Low-Current Systems Practice Leader, CROC

11:00–11:45 Making Safe Cities into Smart Cities. Vyacheslav Latypov, Technical Sales Engineer, Dahua Technology Russia

12:00–12:20 Step by Step Guide on How to Implement IDM. The Identity Management Strategies Enterprises Should Deploy to Meet Security Challenges. Anatoly Skorodumov, CISO, Bank Saint Petersburg.

12:30–12:50 Best Practices for One Identity Manager. Vseslav Solenik, CISO, Delta Credit Bank // Jacob Fishelev, Territory Manager, Emerging Markets, One Identity

12:00–12:20 City of Smart People: Crowdsourcing for Community Revitalization. Maxim Isaev, Project Director, KB-Strelka

12:30–12:50 The Reality of Smart Cities: Key Players, Technology and Business Cases for Russia. Alexander Anufrienko, Director of Key Partners at Industrial Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

12:00–12:45 Virtual Matrix and WARP Technology Featured in Delta Video Recorders Series by SMARTEC. The Concept of a Remote Operator That Does Not Require a PC. Alexey Vitalisov, Deputy CEO, SMARTEC SECURITY
12:00–12:20 – Intelligent Video Surveillance: Improving Public Transport Security Strategies. Alexey Krasov, Senior Engineer Infrastructure Projects, Asteros Group

12:30–12:50 – Video Analytics Platform for Public Spaces. Eugenie Khramov, Director R&D Security Systems, Intra

12:00–12:45 – Business Transformation in the IoT Environment. How to Manage Risks in an Interconnected World. Andrey Filatov, CEO, IBM Russia and CIS

13:00–13:20 Benefits of Using Access Control Automation. Theory and Practice of Selecting an IDM Solution. Kristina Borovikova, Senior Advisor, KPMG

13:30–13:50 The Art of Managing Unstructured Data in an Organization. Jana Shevchenko, Senior Expert, Informzaschita Group

13:00–13:20 Cognitive Services, AI and Machine Learning for Video Surveillance and IoT. Maxim Khlupnov, Chief Technology architect in Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft

13:30–13:50 Integra-Planet-4D – a Platform for Digital Russia and a Turnkey Solution for Smart City Installations. Vladimir Kudelkin, President, Integra-S Consortium
13:00–13:45 The Internet of Things. The Evolution of Video Surveillance for Transportation. Expectations and Limitations. G.Y. Kim, President and CEO, D-TEG

13:00–13:20 What You Stand to Gain From Using Video Surveillance in Retail. Vasily Sukhomlinov, Product Manager, DSSL

13:30–13:50 Intelligent Video in Retail: Process Optimization and Improving Sales. Heat Maps and In-Store Traffic Management. Andrey Khristoforov, CSO, ITV | AxxonSoft

13:00–13:45 Biometrics Technology and the New Economy. Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO, Speech Technology Center

14:00–14:20 Identity Governance 360°. What's the Value of IDM Solutions? Sergey Lachugin, CSO, Gazinformservice

14:30–14:50 IDM Approach to Manage User Accounts in Enterprises. Alexander Zhuravlev, Architect Identification Data Management Systems, NVision Group

14:00–14:20 How IoT Is Changing City and Building Management. Vyacheslav Maximov, Deputy CIO, Director Industrial Solutions, CROC

14:30–14:50 Simplifying Strategies for Data Acquisition in Building Management Systems with IoT. Alexander Lifanov, Engineer, Advantech

14:00–14:45 Streaming the Future with AV: Challenges and Opportunities. Szabolcs Turi, Key Account Manager, Lightware

14:00–14:20 Delivering Aerial Security Through Drone Monitoring. Eugenie Bakunov, the Internet of Things Business Unit Leader, Intel Russia

14:30–14:50 How to Build Intelligent Video Analytics into Integrated Security System. Best Fit Approaches. Alexey Krasov, Senior Engineer Infrastructure Projects, Asteros Group // Alexey Stadnik, Director R&D, Videointellect
14:00–14:45 Consumer Security Solutions for Everyday Life. Vladimir Loretsyan, Technical Sales Engineer, Dahua Technology Russia

15:00–15:20 Why Identity Management in the Cloud? Andrey Nifatov, Head of SAP Security and GRC Expertise Center, SAP

15:30–15:50 – Best Practices for Comprehensive Authentication and Account Management. Vladimir Solonin, CISO, SDM Bank

15:00–15:20 Services Powered by Smart Cities. Alexander Gerasimov, Director Coud and IT Services Market Analysis, J'son&Partners Consulting

15:30–15:50 Advanced Technology and Platform Solutions for Real Estate Businesses. Dmitry Kotrovsky, Partner, KHIMKY GROUP

15:00–15:45 The New Generation of Access Control. Benefit from Complete Integration into SAP. Ralf Laufer, Segment Business Owner EMEA/DACH, Global Business Electronic Access and Data, dormakaba

15:00–15:20 – Improving Data Transmission Speed and Fault Tolerance over Global Networks. Georgy Zabadaev, Director Business Development IBM Aspera for Russia and CIS, IBM

15:30–15:50 – Video Mointoring and Control Systems for Geographically Distributed Infrastructures. Passive Surveillance to Active к активному Response. Alexandra Schipacheva, Director Business Development, HeadPoint

16:00–16:45 Driving Forces and Obstacles to IDM Success in Russia. Customer Vision. Alexey Pleshkov, Inependent Expert

16:00–16:20 Cloud Computing Technology: Inevitable Changes in Business Models for Engineering Contractors. Alexander Nevrovsky, Director Business Development Building Technologies, SIEMENS

16:30–16:50 Real-Life Experience for Integration of Security Alarms into Home/Office Automation Systems. Dmitry Sass, CEO, Embedded Systems Rus // Dmitry Verevkin, CEO, Advant Avtomatika

16:00–16:20 – Big Data vs. Planned Economy. Alexey Nikiforov. Director Technology Solutions, Hitachi Vantara

16:30–16:50 – Object Storage: the New Standard for Video Surveillance Archives and Big Data. Roman Petrov, Director Business Development IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Central and Eastern Europe

Programme – Nov 24, 2017, Friday
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biometrics. technology workshops
sponsored by speech technology centre.
partnered by russian biometrics society

biometrics. vertical workshops
sponsored by speech technology centre.
partnered by russian biometrics society

basler ag partners' day
pylon training

axxonsoft partners' day
axxonsoft ip forum
invitation only

9:30–10:00 IP Forum Registration Check-ins and Morning Coffee

10:00–10:10 IP Forum Opening by AxxonSoft

10:10–11:00 Video Surveillance: from the Cloud to Neural Networks. Murat Altuev, President, AxxonSoft

Hall 1 Keynote Presentations

11:00–11:20 National Standards for Biometric Technology. Unified Requirements for Customers and Suppliers. Danila Nikolaev, Director, Russian Biometric Society

11:30–11:50 Real World Examples of Biometric Successes For the Last 5 to 10 Years. Andrey Khrulev, Director Business Development, Speech Technology Centre.
11:00–12:00 Pylon Software for Embedded Vision Applications. Meeting with Basler Senior Software Developer. Momchil Binev, Product Platform Manager – Software, Basler AG
11:00–11:50 Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drives for Video Surveillance: the Choice of Professionals. Ilya Yaskov, Development Manager Video Surveillance Business Unit, Seagate
12:00–12:20 The Guide to Comparison of Face Recognition Algorithms. Alexey Kadeyshvili, CTO, Vocord

12:30–12:50 Giving Biometrics a Hand. Latest Innovations in Palm Vein Authentication Systems. Alexander Dremin, CEO, Prosoft-Biometrics
12:00–12:20 Diffusion of Biometrics in Information Systems. Dmitry Pshennov, Retail and Security Business Development Manager, Fujitsu Russia and CIS

12:30–12:50 Visual Recognition: New Opportunities for Public Transportation and Sports Industries. Andrey Khrulev, Director Business Development, Speech Technology Centre
12:00–13:00 Pylon Software for Embedded Vision Applications. Meeting with Basler Senior Software Developer. Momchil Binev, Product Platform Manager – Software, Basler AG
11:50–12:20 The Third Largest Player in Video Surveillance in China Enters the Russian Market. Alexander Lytkin, Director Representative Office in Russia, Uniview

12:20–13:00 Lunch
13:00–13:20 The Fundamentals of Biometric Iris Recognition. Facing the Future of Access Control. Georgy Boyko, Sales Manager IRIS ID in Central and Eastern Europe, STA GROUP

13:30–13:50 Multi-Biometrics. Is More Always Better? Elena Kruchinina, Computer Vision Systems Leader, Biometric Systems
13:00–13:20 Practical Aspects of Face Recognition for Transportation Applications. Oleg Maydansky, Director Intelligent City Surveillance, CROC

13:30–13:50 Promises and Pitfalls of Voice Biometrics in Practice. Sergey Scherbakov, Director B2B Business Unit, ASM Solutions
13:00–13:30 Rewards of a Multi-Vendor Strategy. Sergey Talyzenkov, Deputy Director Business Development, PSC Electronika

13:30–14:00 Sigur Access Control – Providing Performance and Reliability. Key Advantages and Integrations. Konstantin Maleev, Senior Engineer, Sigur // Alexander Baranov, Director Corporate Solutions
14:00–14:45 Panel Discussion. Interoperability Challenges in the Biometric World. Moderator: Vasily Mamaev, Deputy Director, Russian Biometric Society
14:00–14:45 Panel Discussion. Facing the Future of Biometrics: New Opportunities and New Risks. Moderator: Andrey Khrulev, Director Business Development, Speech Technology Centre Guest: Alexander Gorshkov, Director Business Development, Prosoft-Biometrics
14:00–14:20 Why IPDROM? Murat Kurashinov, CEO, IPDROM

14:20–14:30 Closing Remarks by AxxonSoft