November 20–22, 2019, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo, Pavillions 4 and 4.1
ALL-OVER-IP + ITSEC = Double Power

Thank you to our sponsors and partners


All-over-IP 2018 introduced sales acceleration tools and new markets to the security and IT industry for the 11th time this year. Over the three days, on Nov 21–23 in Moscow leading vendors and solution providers connected with 4795 top quality system integrators, installation contractors, architects and engineers, telecom operators and high-profile professionals who manage physical security, cyber security and IT infrastructure to penetrate advanced technology and best practices across key local vertical markets, and to generate new business. 6496 leads were generated online to be cultivated for business and sales development of the show exhibitors and partners in 2019.


This year's congress part of the show that recognized wide-ranging topics and unparalleled content attracted customers from all over Russia. We were amazed at having resellers from Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk visiting our booth. The show focus has finally shifted towards the content- and networking-driven event when exhibition serves to illustrate ideas, trends and technology discussed at the stages and conference rooms. Andrey Khristoforov, CSO, AxxonSoft

Dozens of industries came together for the co-located All-over-IP Business Forum and ITSEC Expo to become a one whole, a single creative industry where individuals, teams and companies collaborate to produce innovative solutions which are different to anything available, to accelerate their sales and to open up new markets. This year on familiar dates, technology leaders, key sales channels and large customers celebrated technology at double the rate. Most of the 109 sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and visitors were excited from the increased amount of ideas, useful connections and strategies resulted from the collocation of the two shows. 19% of the All-over-IP audience flocked from the co-located event – InfosecurityRussia / ITSEC 2018, those could be distinguished by white lanyards. All-over-IP visitors with red lanyards generated 25% of the ITSEC audience. That throws into sharp relief the fact the way the professional interests of both markets cross.


We joined All-over-IP 2018 under the banner of PSIM technology and brought together software developers, system integrators and large end-users for the first PSIM conference in Russia to unveil the benefits of introducing this category of software into organizations. We had a great discussion of strategies to integrate security applications and devices, control them through one interface, enforce response procedures and automate complex workflows in real-time to reduce human error. Nikolay Ovchenkov, Founder, Electronika

Planning visitor experience for 2018 we placed our stakes on various types of attractors including new topics, new trends, new or proven speakers, new educational and networking formats. The 2018 education programme was supported by 131 speakers and 9 partners including AxxonSoft, Basler AG, VIVOTEK, dormakaba, Canon, Electronika, Russian Biometric Society, The IoT Association and The Engineers & Architects Association. The most quality connections were generated in the conference halls and on the showfloor around a new set of subjects:

  • IoT in Property Development and Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Integrated Security and PSIM
  • Data Protection. Secured and Optimized Printing
  • Anti-Drone. Digital Economy Risks
  • Security as a Service
  • Vertical Solutions for Architects and Engineers
  • Cloud platforms for VCA and Alarm Monitoring based on AI and Big Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Biometrics as a Service

The show boasted a selection of new exhibiting companies such as Akuvox, Canon, Gotschlich, Microsemi, Nedap Identification Systems, Uniview, Xilinx, A-Access, Armtel, Delta Solutions, Domcontrol, EnterFace 3D, ER-Telecom, Factor Group, ICBCom, NAG, NPO Karat, Pulsar, Rostelecom, Rubetek Rus, Rubicon, STRIJ LPWAN-systems, Symway, TEKO. 2018 All-over-IP Exhibitors, Sponsors and Speakers >>


I did not expect the quality of people who were actually visiting the show this year. I did not know that All-over-IP would turn out to be such a good fit for us. We had many very interesting conversations at our booth. 90% of our visitors were involved in video surveillance business. They either sell complex solutions or integrate diverse system for end-users. Most people were looking for technology which is really good. It's our first time at All-over-IP, and I really enjoy being part of it. Przemek Tolpa, Channel Sales Manager, Microsemi Corporation

The three carefully curated days designed around new hot topics and influential people attracted visitors who are normally not easy to reach including architecture, engineering and construction professionals, real estate development companies, property managers. Never before had the show been visited by that many end-users from Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, Finance, Retail, Transport and Telecom sectors. The end-user count grew by over 55% compared to the year 2017 and made 35% of the total show audience represented by 1224 corporate security and IT officers from key verticals with specific requirements addressed to the show exhibitors.

A record number of All-over-IP visitors attended this year's speaking sessions over the past 11 years. In 2018, the conference attendance grew by 16,2% (1197 professionals) compared to 2017. The number of presentations delivered by brands to highlight their products and enabling technologies to a focused audience increased by 2,5 times compared to the year 2017: from 13 to 35. 2018 All-over-IP Educational Programme >>


Thank you very much to Groteck for welcoming us at this great event again! We've been participating in the Machine Vision Conference and Expo hosted by All-over-IP for 6 years now. We highly appreciate the way the machine vision area is growing in exhibitors, speakers, visitors, topics on the conference agenda, and solutions on display. It was the right decision for us together with Groteck to start investing in such an activity back in 2013. Our technology highlights for this year include MIPI/CSI-2 camera interface for embedded imaging, new sensors up to 20 Mpx, different shutter generations, and applications that combine machine vision technology with advanced computing platforms and software tools to achieve once unthinkable functionality.
Lars Brinkmann, Group Leader Sales D, A, South & East Europe, Middle East Sales, Basler AG

Twice as many visitors (compared to 2017) were reached by traditionally major conferences on Machine Vision, Physical Access Control, Smart Cities and Biometrics.


I am very happy that dormakaba sponsored Access Control Academy once again. It's clear to see the way the right-minded customer is looking to comprehensive security strategies and the aesthetics of solutions. The aesthetics of software-based integration. The aesthetics of devices. The aesthetics of managing and securing the movement of people, vehicles and assets as well as handling personal data.
Eugenie Kin, CTO, dormakaba Eurasia

Vertical briefings became a vital part of this year's show. Specific operational management challenges, global technology trends and business growth drivers were explored at 10 panel discussions by:

  • chief Security and IT officers from key sectors (manufacturing, mining, energy, transportation)
  • machine vision component manufacturers and solution providers
  • real estate developer and property managers
  • data centers
  • telecom experts
  • CISOs and CIOs
  • drone and anti-drone advocates
  • security and video surveillance leaders
  • the Security & Safety Magazine editorial board
  • members of the National Standardization Technical Committee TK 098 – Biometrics and Biomonitoring.


We exhibited at All-over-IP for the first time this year. We shared the best of our product and expertise at the exhibition and conference that aims at bringing the IoT to real estate. Great value is derived from the show being focused on the content and presentations of enabling technologies to focused audience groups instead of taking a traditional trade fair approach. The real estate environment is known for a long sales cycle, yet today we can say All-over-IP has been useful for us as we are currently engaged in talks with a few potential customers and partners from the show. Thank you, Groteck, and keep it up! Pavel Geyderikh, PR manager, STRIJ LPWAN-Systems

A distinguished line-up of keynote speakers was there to innovate and inspire. Cutting-edge technologies and concepts driven by the digital economy including AI, Industry 4.0, PSIM, vehicle identification and smart parking, IP intercom, embedded vision, video-enabled access control, cybersecurity in IoT were addresses by:

  • Ingo Lewerendt, Head of Strategic Business Development, Basler AG
  • Uwe Post, Managing Director, NET GmbH
  • Victor Gyulnazaryan, Regional Sales Manager, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE
  • Ido Wentink, Business Development Manager, Nedap Identification Systems
  • Tonny Frederiksen, Regional Sales Manager, MOBOTIX AG
  • Nidhal Jerbi, General Manager, MultiCom
  • Vlado Damjanovski, Managing Director (CEO), ViDi Labs
  • Uwe Iben, Head of Research and Technology Office in Russia, Bosch
  • Maxim Sonnykh, PhD, Director Factory Automation, Bosch Rexroth
  • Ahmed Mostafa, CEO and Founder, Eagles Foundation


In my whole career I've never seen how busy the third day of the show can be. I mean never before. Nowhere before. A huge thank you to Groteck for allowing us to take advantage of every minute onsite. The show is closing today, clock reads 16pm, but nobody is leaving. Victor Shmyglyuk, Director Marketing and Advertising, Gotschlich Russia

Every second speaker and exhibitor expressed surprise on how busy the show was on the third day. Companies that had scheduled activities on the conference agenda across two or three days were absolutely satisfied with a healthy traffic flow of quality leads and a buzz generated around their stands. A number of show participants reported new business deals as a result of All-over-IP 2018.


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2018 All-over-IP Highlights

Maxim Soroka,
CEO and Founder,

All-over-IP is the best event in Russia that brings together technology leaders and technology enthusiasts. Thank you very much, Groteck, for your professional work. Your team is the best I've ever been engaged with in the local and global event industry.

Sergey Kulbaka,
Manager Corporate Sales, AxxonSoft

All-over-IP takes place at the most suitable time for business. The most suitable time for receiving prompt feedback from customers and partners. For planning consistent improvements for the next year. For setting objectives right.

Nikolay Ovchenkov,
CEO and Founder,

We are satisfied with the results we have achieved as a sponsor of the PSIM Conference. Well done to Groteck for running this event and improving its significancy for the industry every year. We are ready to support you in all of your ongoing initiatives.

Ingo Leverend,
Head of Strategic Business Development, Basler AG

I was coming over to have 2 presentations and found a well prepared show. Friendly people. Good climate. Fine topics on the agenda. I was impressed by Russian IP solutions. I fear that not everybody in the world is aware of their abilities!

Alexander Paramonov,
Access Control Lead,
Genius Pervy

We are very happy that everything went at a very high level!

Andrey Seregin,
Director Business Development,
Euro Security

All-over-IP 2018 became to me a place to connect with both our vendors and our customers. I enjoy the show format very much – speaking sessions and an exhibition area. You can always visit the speaker's booth for a detailed conversation after an interesting presentation.

Alexey Savelyev,
Manager Business Development, Abloy

Thank you for the excellently prepared show! Our exhibiting experience was fabulous.

Roman Turkin,
Chief Technical Officer,

We exhibited and spoke at All-over-IP for the first time this year and absolutely loved it! The show is pretty much focused on our business segments. It attracts many visitors. And it's exactly the people who we need:  project managers, architects and engineers, real estate developers, telecom operators. We had great connections.

Maxim Redin,
Sales Director Russia and CIS,
Siklu Corporation

The show attracted professional customers who knew what wanted. Ethernet and mmwWave radios have a meaning to them. They understand principles of wireless connectivity. It's a pleasure to work with them compared to those who visit just to have a look. Our visitors came up with interesting projects and we consulted them on the best solutions for each case. They were looking to roll out video surveillance across parks, industrial areas, quays. They needed to install video cameras at challenging locations. They were interested to combine various connectivity strategies and their questions made sense.

Olga Kostyanaya,
Director Marketing,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate and speak at this outstanding event.

Nikita Zhivago,
Sr Manager Business Development, NVIDIA

Let me thank you for inviting me to speak at a conference! I was very impressed by the scale of the show and the level of its exhibitors and visitors. I'm planning to return to All-over-IP next year. Its agenda is closely related to our business and very interesting. Thank you very much once again!

Ruslan Davletbaev,
Director Sales HQ,
NPO Karat

We joined the show at the very last moment. We grabbed the last stand even though its location did not seem very good, but there was no any other option left. Our location turned out to be just excellent! We had so many meetings with customers who approached us because they were interested exactly in our utility metering solution. We agreed on a few installations with real estate developers right at the show.

Andrey Skvortsov,
Director Business Development, Electronika

We are absolutely satisfied with our decision to launch The PSIM Conference. Vendors have presented what they know and what they can do with PSIM technology. System integrators and end-users have shared what they want. Now we have a much deeper understanding of our customers' needs. Some of our current customers have started planning additional budgets to spend after they explored PSIM benefits at the show.

Anna Stebleva,
Director Business Development, EnterFace 3D

It was a spontaneous decision to exhibit at All-over-IP. Much of it was owed to The Biometric Congress that took place at the show. Thank you to Groteck for excellent work. All-over IP is an awesome team that takes a lot of care of its customers and makes sure they are fully informed on opportunities available. Our 3D face recognition solutions have capture a lot of your audience's attention just as we expected.

Alexander Vlasov,
Field Application Engineer, Xilinx / Avnet Silica

All-over-IP 2018 was an opportunity to increase market awareness of Xilinx solutions for machine vision and AI applications, to find new customers, sales and technology partners. We were surprised how busy the show was. Honestly, I had been expecting a smaller-scale. Most of the attendees visited our booth with a deliberate intention instead of being just curious. We will expand our presence at All-over-IP in 2019.

Andrey Khrulev,
Director Business Development, Speech Technology Centre

All-over-IP is becoming very popular among Enterprise end-user segments. Those include agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, retail, banks and telecom. They come to us and say – We want biometrics. Interestingly enough, Internet service providers are looking to adopt biometrics for improving both access control and sales across their networks. We are getting an opportunity to market and sell to SMB which was impossible to do before.

Alexey Vikoultsev,
Manager Business Development, MOBOTIX AG

It was factories and oil and gas companies that visited our stand. They really enjoy our solutions but we have to open their eyes to the fact that MOBOTIX is not more costly than other premium brands. You spend the same budget and get a reliable double-purpose solution with an opportunity to extend the warranty period up to 8 years that saves you money in the long run. In my talk, I introduced our Industry 4.0 approach to production.

Artem Oparin,
Product Manager TFortis,
Fort Telecom

I visited a meeting with engineering design companies All-over-IP Team held last July, and then connected with a few engineering companies. They reported – We are looking to be educated and kept up-to-date with technology. So I packed my bag and traveled for a number of engineering design companies in Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg. All of them were very happy to better explore our vertical solutions and share their challenges with me.

Mikhail Chichvarin,
General Manager,

I loved that the show grew in scale compared to the previous year and appreciate a great deal of professional networking and open dialogue between technology leaders and the market. The show does not transform into an exhibition. Adding the third day was probably a good decision. I could see new education formats and end-users occupying the stages. There should be even more customers speaking and generating challenges for security and IT brands to solve.

Andrey Pimenov,
Area Manager,

This year's show has given me an opportunity to share knowledge on the topic that is new to All-over-IP visitors. We have sort of pioneered a new round of the show development bringing protecting critical infrastructure against drones for discussion. A number of end-users have faced this threat. Others are to face. The UAV market is growing dramatically as well as customer concerns for their illegal usage and demands for anti drone strategies.

Przemek Tolpa,
Channel Sales Manager,
Microsemi Corporation

I did not expect the quality of people who visited the show this year. I did not know that All-over-IP would turn out to be such a good fit for us. We had many very interesting conversations at our booth. 90% of our visitors were involved in video surveillance business. They either sell complex solutions or integrate diverse system for end-users. Most people were looking for technology which is really good. It's our first time at All-over-IP, and I really enjoy being part of it.

Tatiana Ibakaeva,
Deputy Director Infrastructure Solutions, NAG

The first day of the show focused a lot on IoT solutions for real estate developers drew moderate audience attention to our stand. Visitors seemed to be observing us. The second day with smart cities and network infrastructure shaping the agenda made us really busy. Customers were coming over with specific challenges, we discussed them together and consistently outlined a solution based on our product portfolio. That was a great experience!

Anton Fedin,
Director Business Development, Lex Computech

We were very busy at our stand this year, we had many in-person meetings with engaged customers. There could've been even more meetings if we had been a bigger team. It was just impossible for us to give attention to each visitor seeking our assistance. We like it very much that our booth is located close a conference hall. Surprisingly enough, we got a number of  compliments on our exhibition area. It was a wide portfolio of hardware products on display that people appreciated.