11th International Business Forum All-over-IP 2018
November 21–23, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo
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    3 days. 5600 high-profile visitors. 75% resellers. 25% end-users.
    28% transportation and retail. 27.4% oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities

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    3 days. 5600 high-profile visitors. 75% resellers. 25% end-users.
    28% transportation and retail. 27.4% oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities

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    3 days. 5600 high-profile visitors. 75% resellers. 25% end-users.
    28% transportation and retail. 27.4% oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities

Conference and Exhibition 2018

  • Advanced Video Surveillance and Analytics: AI, IoT, Cybersecurity
  • End-To-End Security in Digital Economy: PSIM and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Building IAM for the Future: From Enforcer to Business Enabler
  • Machine Vision: Deep Learning, Embedded Vison and Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Cloud & IoT: Experience New Cities and Buildings
  • Access Control Academy: The Key to Integrated Security Systems
  • Cybersecurity: Wars in the Fifth Domain
  • Biometrics Congress on Civil Applications
  • Biometrics Congress on Government, Defence and Law Enforcement Applications
  • Digital Economy Infrastructure: IP Networks and Data Centres
  • Re-Thinking Distribution: How to De-Commoditize and Return to Profitability
  • Security System Development and Integration: Secrets to Winning Bids
  • China Connect: Doing Business On Chinese Brands
  • CEO Sessions. Premium Global Brands in Russia: Change or Die

What's New in 2018

  • 5600 highly engaged visitors ready to talk business during 3 days.
  • 60% of new audience.
  • Enhancement of visitor profile by 7 to 10%.
  • Exhibition attendance growth.
  • Increase in resellers' quality and quantity.
  • Further growth in end-user attendance to reach 30% of the audience.
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Murat Altuev



Andrey Khristoforov


Chief Sales Officer

Anders Johansson

Milestone Systems

Director Eastern Europe Territories

Alec Liu


Sales Director

Andrey Khrulev

Speech Technology Centre

Director Business Development

Oleg Tikhonov


Director Integrated Security Systems

Anton Kurako


Marketing Director

Alexey Ginze

AAM Systems

Director of Communications

Victor Egorov

Basler AG

Regional Sales Manager

Maxim Soroka


General Manager

Eugenie Kin


Solutions Lead

Roman Fedoseev


General Manager

Danila Nikolaev

Russian Biometric Society


Vasily Mamaev

Russian Biometric Society

Deputy Director

Alex Zarrabi,
TBS Biometrics

All-over-IP provides an opportunity to meet key local market players and get insight into how to enhance our offers for Russia. What I especially like is that the show format is all about learning. I was stunned to see the room packed as I was doing my presentation. It was really a great exchange with people.

Anders Johansson,
Director EET,
Milestone Systems

It's a tenth year in a row that we are here. All-over-IP is a focused event. I like the approach of striving for quality visitors rather than for high attendance numbers. There are many keynote sessions where you can learn a lot, and it is an efficient show format in general that's why we come here year after year.

Lev Levine
Director, IoT Market Development, Cisco

All-over-IP offers a meaningful conversation covering critical aspects of digitalisation and the IoT. The show studies global trends from a practical perspective. Here you can meet professionals who take part in IoT projects and learn best practices to pass them on to other businesses and locations.

Andrey Khrulev,
Director Business Development, Speech Technology Centre

All-over-IP is our main platform to connect with the market. The audience awareness of technology is constantly improving. Visitors are interested in technical details and are looking for deeper understanding of neural networks. The show allows us to speak the same language with our customers.

Yakov Volkind,
St. Petersburg Branch Director,

Since its very first year, All-over-IP stands out from all other trade shows. It offers an unparalleled education platform around topics that are important for business. Visitors do not come here to source the cheapest video surveillance cameras. Most of them are looking to improve their knowledge and expertise.

Maxim Soroka,
General Manager,

It was a great idea to add machine vision to the show agenda back in 2012. The future of surveillance and imaging industries will be defined by GPU and semiconductor chip makers such as Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA. They already work closely with Google, Amazon, Yandex. This is what all of us will have to deal with.

Alexander Danilin,
Business Development Manager,

All-over-IP covers a very nice niche on the IT market. I couldn't expect it to be that big and attractive. The show started with driving IP video surveillance business; today, a much wider variety of technology is covered around the initial idea. This is an interesting event that engages a growing number of high-tech brands.

Alec Liu,
Sales Director,

Our company is just at the beginning of opening up the European and Russian markets. All-over-IP is focused on IP technology. The conversation here is going around solutions and strategies relevant to IP, so visitors understand what they can expect from us, and it makes our communication with them very productive.