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Access Control 2019 (Moscow, November 21) is the 4th annual conference along with technology display for physical access control, identity and access management vendors, resellers, system integrators, architects and engineers who discuss:

– technological trends that reduce the overall time frame of access control project implementation;
– value creation for end-users and new competitive advantages for growing access control business in 2020;
– advanced functions and integrations offered by access control management software;
– application examples and best practices for appropriate use of new access control technology and products revealed in 2019.

Knowledge sharing and technological innovation are offered by:


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Strong growth is predicted for mobile access adoption in Russia from 2019 to 2025. The user experience will be redefined by increased convenience and new functionality of virtual credentials. Security installers and system integrators are getting new business opportunities to make extra income due to reducing overhead costs as well as time and money to deliver and store physical access credentials. The demand for access control installations based on open-platform security solutions with integrated access control, biometric identification technology, cryptography and cloud computing environments is expected to be high in the commercial and government application segments in Russia from 2019 to 2025.

Section I. Inevitable Transformation of Access Control. Mobile Access
    Overview of advanced access control trends 2019–2025. Mobile smartphone-based access control solutions, biometric identification, cloud-based access control, multi-level data protection and cybersecurity, contactless technology – setting the standards for new access control installations. New interfaces and communication protocols. IP door entry intercoms becoming an integral part of a modern day access control system. Hybrid solutions that combine readers, controllers, a time attendance terminal and an IP video door phone system.
    Anton Dyukin, CEO, BAS-IP Russia
    Konstantin Kryzhanovsky, Director Business Development, True-IP
    Yaroslav Kuzmitsky, Director Business Development, InPrice Distribution / Akuvox

  • The use of SL3 encryption for MIFARE access control cards in door intercoms
    Andrey Ovcharenko, Senior Engineer, PIK-Comfort

  • Mobile access as a way to diversify system integration business by creating more customer value or expanding sales to a mass market. Comprehensive IT strategy of adding smartphone-based credentials to existing access control infrastructure.
    Eugenie Kin, CTO, dormakaba Eurasia

  • Essential components of mobile access solutions for access control and door entry systems. Picking the right solution for specific customer needs.
    Nikita Lebedev, Engineer, ISBC Group

  • dormakaba mobile access solutions that delivers access directly to a mobile phone.
    Sergey Efremov, Software Engineer, dormakaba Eurasia

  • Use cases of mobile access deployments based on digital credentials in Russia. Combined experience shared by vendor, system integrator and end-user.

  • The rise of cybersecurity and its impact on physical access control business. Migrating current systems to operate with higher security and performance levels in the IoT era. Understanding trusted identification technology.
Section II. Open-platform security solutions with integrated access control
  • Advanced access control solutions and key signs of anachronism in technological capability. Ways to install a new access control solution onto existing infrastructure.
    Denis Ivanov, Deputy Sales Director, ITRIUM SPb

  • APACS Bio – a Russian software platform to manage biometrics access control and time and attendance systems.
    Аlexey Loza, Head of Marketing Department, AAM Systems

  • Evolution of access control devices. Trends shaping the future of access control turnstile market. Design vs functionality – nailing the balance.
    Igor Yadrikhinsky, Deputy Director Marketing, PERCo
  • Integrated access control and safety systems in industrial applications. Automated access control & alcohol screening, or pre-flight security check, or mine location intelligence.
    Maxim Kretinin, Sales Director, Electronika

  • topic to be revealed soon
    Speaker to be revealed soon, Gotschlich

    Security system integration business in the digital economy. Selling access control based on a software platform that allows the system to be scaled anytime in the future. Building a technology road map in line with end-user's today and tomorrow needs. Access control based on a modular architecture: specifications, limitations, cost performance. How to simplify access control integration in enterprise management environment? Access Control Software vs Software Platform for managing faces, fingerprints, smartphones, RFID cards and QR codes within an access control situation.
Questions to Discuss during Conference
  • Embedding trusted identities more deeply into everyday activities to improve security and area governance within buildings. Location services for workforce optimization.
  • Cloud vs on-premises server. Where access control data should be stored. Ways to cut and optimize spendings. 
  • Biometric identification. Overview of technology that meets customers' demands for speed and accuracy of processing biometric data under the most challenging conditions.
  • Will Web-enabled software replace traditional desktop access control application?
  • Card technology in access control? Shall we fall back on the anachronism? Or is it sustainable classics? Access control card protection strategies.
  • Tools of augmented reality helping system integrators to designers and consultants to implement and use access control products.

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