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Machine Vision 2019 (Moscow, November 20) is an annual conference along with technology display that takes place for the 7th time this year for component producers (from the sensor to the processor, from the cable to the camera, from the software to the illumination system), embedded vision solution providers, and system integrators focused on specific applications who discuss:

– growing markets for machine vision;
– new approaches to specific end-user needs and challenges;
– advanced affordable technology that opens new multiple applications of machine vision and unlock new business opportunities for system integrators.

Thank you to our long standing Machine Vision Sponsor: Basler AG

Knowledge sharing and technological innovation are offered by Basler AG, Vitec, XIMEA, CameraIQ, BIC-Inform, NET GmbH, Xilinx, OSRAM

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New technology makes imaging of greater quality widely accessible which allows to improve performance of vision-controlled machines and handle multiple tasks. Technology availability and affordability provide Russian system integrators (who create solutions out of machine vision components such as cameras, optics, lighting) with new business opportunities towards their current and new customers. Machine manufacturers, vision solution providers and end-users are now able to deal with tasks that were impossible a few years ago due to technology or cost limitations.

Each speaking session is focused on the real value machine vision technology provides for specific customer applications.

Section I. Major transformation of machine vision
  • Vision as an intelligent functional element of complex machines, devices and solutions. Next generation cameras, embedded processing boards, neural networks and machine learning.
  • Even the best can get better. Enhanced feature set for standard and demanding vision applications offered by new ace 2 camera series // Vladimir Plyusnin, Regional Sales Manager, Basler AG
  • Camera sensor is capable of more. What shall you do with the data captured? // Anton Bardin, Senior Engineer, Olvia
  • Using the same machine vision components (cameras, processors, optics) for multiple application.
  • The outcome of bringing vision technology on mobile embedded platforms and drones. Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging // Max Larin, CEO, XIMEA
  • Applications of multispectral imaging in plant growth and disease management // Maxim Soroka, CEO, Vitec
  • Machine vision and the impact of artificial intelligence. The role of AI in inspection tasks and extending the realm of industrial automation.
Section II. Traffic management, security, smart cities and retail applications
  • Integration of embedded vision into platforms in the retail sector. Automated self-checkout systems, people counting, visitor identification and many more.
  • Machine vision and virtual reality (VR). New trends in using machine vision cameras to drive VR applications in smart cities.
  • How to optimize a multi-camera object tracking environment by reducing the number of cameras and getting more useful analytics for traffic management and control. Types of resulting data analytics.
  • Where it gets to more than a "facial recognition camera". Specialty lighting case scenarios for better competition in critical infrastructure security projects // Maxim Medvedev, Head of SP PIA Division, OSRAM Russia
  • Industrial cameras vs. IP cameras in face/emotion/licence-plate recognition and people/car counting applications.
Section III. Industrial applications: barcode verification, visual quality control, handling of machinery
  • Smart vision for the food and beverage industry: product inspection and packaging.
  • Machine vision and airport automation based on sensor solutions for automated baggage handling, cargo handling, aircraft ground handling.
  • Labelling specifics in pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, metallurgy. Solution of choice for labelling control: cameras, optics and lighting // Maxim Soroka, CEO and founder, Vitec
  • Xilinx Alveo – an accelerator for high-performance computing systems. Speeding up video and image processing in practice // Alexander Vlasov, Field Engineer, Xilinx
  • Convolutional neural networks in a digital enterprise explained. Application of embedded vision and machine learning technique on sorting and grading for image classification.
  • Designing and creating a comprehensive solution for product inspection and quality control in automotive, food and machine industries.

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