Sponsored by dormakaba, All-over-IP 2018 has set up The Access Control Academy and Exhibition.

Target audience: full-service system integrators, architects and engineers (A&Es), project designers, security officers, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Executive Officer (CEOs), HR directors.

At All-over-IP 2018, dormakaba is driving a knowledge centre focused on challenges and solutions for retail, banking, hospitality, and geographically distributed businesses (including transportation infrastructure, oil and gas, energy and industrial facilities).

November 21, 2018 – dormakaba is joining forces with its partners and IP industry leaders to introduce the outcome of their engineering efforts that have been put in for a number of our real-life projects at The Access Control Academy.

November 21–23, 2018 – there is a showcase with the newest technology and solutinos for access control, time management, intercom, and process control applications for:

  • businesses with multiple locations (geographically distributed);
  • banks and other businesses like jewellery stores or pawnshops that manage vault cash reserves;
  • banks that manage ATM networks, and payment kiosks and terminals; 
  • businesses with heavy people flows through control access areas;
  • enterprises with areas that need higher security;
  • businesses that are looking to lower that expenses on IT infrastructure, employees, time to set up access control strategies, and improve capitalization.

Access Control Academy Agenda

Section 1. Solutions for Geographically Distributed Businesses

  • Shift in Demand Curve for Multiple Site Businesses.

  • Taking Total Control of a Convenience Store Avoiding Servers and Operator Workstations. Dealing with Time Tracking and Process Control in Distributed Systems with Interactive Terminals that Offer Minimum Access Control Functionality and Allow Connection of External Identification Devices.

  • The Last Mile Problem. What Do You Do When the Customer Get To Think of Access Control at the Last Moment. Rolling Out Traditional Access Control with Wi-Fi, ZigBee or Bluetooth Connectivity.

  • Keynote Speech
    Trends for Video-Enabled Access Control for Highly Sensitive Areas
    Speaker Tonny Frederiksen, Regional Sales Manager - Nordics, Baltics, CEE and Russia, MOBOTIX AG

  • New Products / Solutions
    Integration Capacity of 2N IP Access Control and SIP Intercoms
    Speaker: Victor Gyulnazaryan, Regional Sales Manager, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s.

  • dormakaba Vertical Solution. Vision for Access Control at a Large Multiple-Site Industrial Complex with Heavy People Flows and Stricter Requirements to Security, Data Management, and Quicker Shifts Registration
    Speaker: Sergey Efremov, Software Engineer, dormakaba
Section 2. Solutions for Hotels

  • Most Common Challenges for Hotel Chains: Personnel Optimization, Cost Avoidance, Hospitality Improvement, Capital Improvement. What Does Access Control Have To Do With That?

  • Faster And Convenient Check-in Process. How Do You Get Rid of Queues at the Lobby With Self Check-in Strategies?

  • Elegant Transition to Contactless Access Technology Without Replacing Existing Door Hardware

  • dormakaba Vertical Solution. Taking Hospitality A Step Further Through Getting Keycard Management To Interface With A Hotel Property Management System.
    Speaker: Daria Karaseva, Lodging Systems Product Manager, dormakaba
Section 3. Solution for Banks and ATM Networks

  • Banking's Digital Transformation: Security in Financial Sector.

  • From Mechanical To Electronic Locks With Extensive Audits  For Use On Safes Suitable for Banking, Retails and Commercial Applications.

  • A Closer Look at Access Control and Personnel Identification With Facial Recognition for High Security Areas.

  • dormakaba Vertical Solution. The End of The Skeleton Key Era. Digital, Networked Solutions for ATM Cash Vault Protection
    Speaker: Nikolay Spirin, Senior Pre-Sale Engineer, dormakaba
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