Doing business with telecom operators, system integrators and city managers


Smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) are an engine for telecom operators and system integrators to improve their revenues. The biggest areas of promise for telcos and system integrators are IT connectivity, video, data centers, the cloud and platforms. These opportunities are to be discussed at All-over-IP 2018.

Audience: system integrators, telecom operators, service providers, city managers.

Smart cities have been talked about for around 10 years now. A number of Russian cities including St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Magas, Novosibirsk, etc. have officially moved towards being smart with automatic road traffic management (smart traffic lights + video surveillance cameras + vehicle sensors) and automatic control of heat supply. Free Wi-Fi access is becoming available at public transport stops, on subway trains, city buses and trolleys. Government services are delivered online. Intelligent video surveillance turns passive video data into proactive security and business intelligence in transportation, public buildings and on the streets.

The Conference features

New revenue streams

  • Volumes are growing, revenues are shrinking. How can telcos can transform themselves in 2018–2019? From delivering traffic to offering digital services.
  • Three future scenarios for system integrators. A platform owner. A service provider. A consultant.
  • The concept of reusing IT infrastructure and data. How telcos can create new revenue streams and increase ARPU with cloud services, the IoT, city management, and situation centres.
  • AI-based video surveillance and alarm monitoring for public safety in cities
    Speaker: Nikolay Ptitsyn, CEO, Synesis
  • Seizing opportunities in data center business. Embedding intelligence in urban and corporate environments with virtual data center services.
Wireless networks and enterprise IT connectivity

  • Drivers for building citywide wireless infrastructure. Next-generation trunks for cellular mobile networks, microcell base stations, enterprise IT connectivity. Unlocking the potential of virtual telecom operator businesses.
  • Siklu Wireless Radios for IP CCTV City Surveillance
    Speaker: Maxim Redin, CTO, Siklu Communication
  • What Should Be The Ideal Outdoor PoE Switch?
    Speaker:  Artem Oparin, Product Manager TFortis network equipment, Fort Telecom
  • Strategies for upgrading mobile networks to create new revenue streams.
  • From cell-based architectures to device-based architectures.
The economics of video surveillance

  • Keynote Speech
    City's Traffic Managed By Artificial Intelligence
    Speaker: Alexander Evsin, Deputy Director, The Moscow Center of Traffic Management
  • The economic impact of deploying intelligent solutions for city video surveillance.
  • How do you store billions of video hours in a smart way?
  • VIVOTEK on transport – a long journey to complete product portfolio
    Speaker: Vladimir Yakovenko, Regional Manager Russia and CIS, VIVOTEK Inc.
  • The new chapter of urban safety and security. Doing business on packaged solutions for city video surveillance outfitted with face recognition. Protecting intercepting parking lots and impoundment lots.
  • Opportunities for improving public security and city management through big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
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