Smarter and Safer
Residential Buildings


All-over-IP Business Forum 2018 is introducing a conference addressing residential management companies that believe they won't be viable without connected home technology, building and dispatch automation, IoT-deployments and smarter security.

Target audience: real estate development businesses, residential construction companies, property management companies, specialist system integrators and project designers.

The Conference Agenda

Economics of Real Estate Management. Cost-Cutting Strategies

  • Construction, Development and Real Estate Panel Discussion
    Cost-Saving Approaches in Real Estate Development and Management. Strategies for Improving Profits
    Featured Speakers:

    - Konstantin Klimov, Director Low Current Systems, PIK-Comfort (PIK Group)
    - Mikhail Yakovlev, Director Systems Automation, KROST
    - Vladimir Sharkov, IT Manager, Etalon Group
    - Victor Sobchenko, Chief Engineer, KROST

  • Keynote speech
    Engineering and Organizational Challenges Faced by Real Estate Development Businesses While Automation and Smarter Security Projects are in Motion
    Speaker: Mikhail Yakovlev, Director Systems Automation, KROST

  • New Products / Solutions / Installations
    IoT Applications in Real Estate. Adding Value for Residential Developers, Utility Providers and Residential Managers
    Speaker: Alexander Kozlov, Chief Commercial Officer, STRIJ

  • The Potential of Smart Meter Rollouts in 2019 for Real Estate Business

  • New Products / Solutions / Installations
    Automated Water, Heat, Electricity Meter Reading at Apartment Buildings. Technology Solutions and Best Practices
    Speaker: Alexander Kozlov, Deputy Director of Marketing, Teplovodokhran
Economics of Building Commissioning. Mass Deployment Strategies for Access Control, Intercom and Video Surveillance

  • Keynote Speech
    An Integrated Approach to Access Control / Intercom Systems in Real Estate
    Konstantin Klimov, Director Low Current Systems, PIK-Comfort (PIK Group)

  • Keynote Speech
    Scenarios for Integration between Building Automation Systems and Video Surveillance, Access Control, Parking Management, IoT, and Data Centres
    Speaker: Vladimir Sharkov, IT Manager, Etalon Group

  • New Products / Solutions / Installations
    New Services Powered by IP-Based Intercom Solutions for Efficient Interaction between Residential Management, Contractors, and Homeowners
    Speaker: Konstantin Kryzhanovsky, Director Business Development, True IP

  • Keynote Speech
    Scenarios for Integration between Building Automation Systems and Video Surveillance, Access Control, Parking Management
    Victor Sobchenko, Chief Engineer, KROST

  • Latest releases of video surveillance vertical solutions for the residential sector.
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