All-over-IP Business Forum 2018 and Electronika, a leading PSIM software platform manufacturer, are introducing the first conference aimed at unveiling the benefits of integrating PSIM into organizations.

Most of the businesses have physical security systems installed. But they often represent multiple unconnected applications and devices that don't communicate with each other which doesn't offer situational awareness and slows down response time. From a legislative perspective, all is fine as security systems have been deployed. But from an efficiency perspective, the human factor and the time of response remain a challenge.

There is a huge amount of data that is being generated through various sensors and has to be managed by an operator who simply stop paying attention to real security incidents in the workflow. PSIM gives a helping hand facilitating a platform that integrates security applications and devices, controls them through one interface, enforces response procedures and automates complex workflows in real-time to reduce human error. End-users have realized that and are currently looking for ways to improve their investment performance instead of purchasing new hardware.

The PSIM Conference features

Adding Value to Security Projects with PSIM
  • Typical gaps that occur in traditional integrated security projects.
  • Delivering new levels of security, efficiency, control and analytics with SCADA and PSIM. The difference between outcomes achieved with SCADA and PSIM platforms.
  • Utilising PSIM software platforms as a tool to enforce compliance of both internal policies and external legislative requirements.
  • How to extract ROI from PSIM systems. Going beyond security.
Security Design Strategies Driven by PSIM
  • The ultimate guide to benefits of managing multiple security and non-security systems from a single interface regardless of hardware vendors.
  • Branded Session. Integrational opportunities delivered by Armtel industrial communications systems.
  • Predicting and minimizing internal and external security vulnerabilities at the design stage of deploying an integrated security solution.
  • Using a modular approach to designing integrated security systems for future growth as a competitive advantage.
PSIM Examples and Vertical Case Studies
  • Benefits of bringing access control and HR systems together on a single platform.
  • Setting up a command and control centre that delivers integrated and mission critical capabilities for use in a diverse range of applications.
  • Deploying an integrated security solution across multiple locations avoiding an unpredictable maze of numerous events.
  • Automated incident response strategies for critical infrastructures.
  • Examining business impacts of PSIM deployment at an airport, an oil refinery, a sports stadium, a bank with a branch network.
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The Conference. Visitors' Profile

  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Head of Department
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Chief Security Officer
  • Morton Grad Apartments, Head of Department
  • LANIT, Head of Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • Beltel, Chief Project Engineer
  • Gazprombank, Chief Security Officer
  • Sberbank of Russia, Chief Security Officer
  • Asteros, Head of Engineering Department
  • Asteros, Head of Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • NIKA MOTORS, Low Voltage Systems Engineer
    Executive Committee of the Regional
  • Commonwealth in the Field of Communications, ICT Officer
  • Tulsky Promyshlennik Bank, CISO
  • Center-Invest Bank, Automatic Control Systems Officer
  • LEADER GROUP, Business Development Director
    Stroy-Vest, Senior Engineer
  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Head of Department
  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Security Officer
  • USSR Fitness Clubs, Security Manager
  • Hals Development, Senior Low Voltage Systems Engineer
  • Domodedovo International Airport, Corporate Security Analyst
  • VTB Arena Park, Senior Officer
  • Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Head of Department
  • Asteros, Head of Security Department
  • Renaissance Credit Bank, Chief Informatoin Security Risk Officer