Winning in Digital Economy:
a Shift to SDN


Inspired by Delta Electronics, All-over-IP Business Forum 2018 introduces The ICT Infrastructure for Digital Economy Conference, taking place on November 22, in Moscow.

Audience: engineering contractors, architects and system integrators; network designers and engineers; data-center owners and managers; enterprise network managers; chief purchasing officers; telecom operators.

Most of the enterprise network and data center managers are looking to not end up being tied to any one vendor. And consequently not share all the data with them directly. Dependence on a single vendor environment often leads to unreasonable growth in spendings on hardware and software as well as leak of data. Open source platforms, on the other hand, give users choices and protects against vendor lock-in.

The Conference features

  • SDN And The Changing Face Of Data Center And Enterprise Networking.
  • Why A Data Center And An Enterprise Need A New Architecture.
  • Why Largest Global Corporations like Facebook and Yandex Apply Are Switching To Open Source Network Management Tools.
  • What's New in SDN? Open Source Switching. Network Fabrics. Intent-Based Networking.
  • Network Economics of SDN-Based Infrastructures. How Do We Unlock Value for Network Architects and Engineers, System Integrators, and Infrastructure Owners.
  • Application of Machine Learning to Cognitive Network Management.
  • How Do You Know It's Time To Move To SDN?
  • ACI or SDN?
  • The Future of Enterprise and Data Center Network Managament.
  • Лев Левин Cisco
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  • Шинья Кукита NEC Corporation
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  • Александр Данилин Microsoft
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