Supported by the Russian Biometric Society, All-over-IP 2018 is running The Biometric Congress on November 23, 2018.

Target audience: architects and engineers (A&Es), project designers, full-service system integrators, security managers, Chief information officers, business managers.

Biometrics has come a long way since its early days, had several teething problems and got over most of them successfully. The technology has become more user-friendly and affordable to a wider range of customers. In 2018 to 2022, new biometrics applications and biometric-based installations in Russia will de driven by:

  • The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program of July 28, 2017;
  • Strategy of Information Society Development in Russia for 2017–2030;
  • Decree of the Russian Government No. 410 of April 5, 2017 "On Setting Requirements to Transportation Security Including Anti-Terrorism Standards for Underground Transit Systems";
  • Decree of the Russian Government No. 969 of September 26, 2016 "On Setting Requirements to Functional Property of Transportation Security Systems and Mandatory Certification Rules for Transportation Security Systems";
  • the launch of the Unified Biometrics System;
  • changes in Federal Laws: No. 115-FZ of August 7, 2001 "On Countering Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism" and No. 149-FZ of July 27, 2006 "On Information, Information Technology and Information Security" (put into effect by the Federal Law No 482-FZ of December 31, 2017 "On Changes in Certain Legal Acts of the Russian Federation).

The Biometric Congress Agenda

  • Behind The Biometrics Boom. New Methods of Biometric Identification for 2018–2019.
    - Biometric Gait Recognition, Behavioral Biometrics.
    - Situation Recognition, Video-Enabled Biometrics.
    - Multimodal Biometric Solutions.
    - New Approaches for Liveness Detection.
    Speaker: Rinat Anisimov, Founder, Smart Security

  • New Products / Solutions / Installations
    The Role of Biometrics In Digital Transformation
    Speaker: Andrey Khrulev, Director Business Development – Biometrics, Speech Technology Center

  • Keynote Speech
    Recent Advances in Global Biometric Standardization
    Speaker: Danila Nikolaev, Director, Russian Biometric Society

  • Best Practices
    When The Old World Meets The New World. Biometrics and Identity Documents
    Speaker: Alexander Lebedev, Director Software and Hardware Development, Angstrem-T

  • Best Practices
    Bringing Together Facial Recognition and RFID. How Dual Authentication Helps Reducing Labor Costs
    Speaker: Aleksandr Mikhalev, CEO and Founder, Pocketkey

  • Future Vision
    Artificial Intelligence I and Everyday Life. Biometrics in Safe City Applications
    Speaker: Alexey Kadeyshvili, CTO, Vocord

  • Best Practices
    Facial Biometrics: from Hype to Practical Use
    Speaker: Sergey Novikov, Software Architect, Recfaces

    Other topics to be covered: 
  • Strategies for Efficient Biometric Recognition under Harsh or Challenging Conditions.
  • Biometrics as a Service (BaaS). The Next Giant Leap.
  • The Report on The Outcome of the Roll-out of the National Unified Biometric System.
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