The use of biometric technology is rapidly growing across industries and applications in Russia. Some of the local biometric access control installations span hundreds of readers. This is quite large-scale even for more widely spread identification and authentication options.

All-over-IP introduces The Biometrics Village for the benefit of the global biometrics industry.

A new exhibition area, networking and education space within Access Control and Identity Management Conference are organized together with Russian Biometric Society.

A growing number of businesses in Russia is showing a great enthusiasm for using biometrics for authentication, verification and identification purposes. In retail environments, demand is rising for time and attendance systems to save money and eliminate the frustrations of a manual process. Withing the banking sector, biometric technology provides an extra layer of security as an authentication tool.

The National Biometric Platform is being launched to enable banks in Russia to identify customers digitally. The platform will not only improve operational performance, but also reduce fraud risks.

Face recognition and palm vein recognition have recently gained significant attention as they allow for the highest accuracy level of identification for large databases.

Biometric access control installations offer customers a high ROI. For instance, time and attendance projects reduce payroll costs from 4 to 15% and provide a return on investments relatively quickly, often in the first year of ownership.

Biometrics Speaking Topics

  • Biggest Technological Advances in Biometrics for the Last 5–10 Years
  • The Future and Opportunities of Biometrics in Russia.
  • National Biometric Standards Overview. Impact on the Market.
  • Trendsetting Products Review and Installation Best Practices.
  • The Future of Multimodal Biometrics Locally and Globally.
  • Interoperability Cost Analysis for Installation, Maintenance and Replacement of Biometric Devices and Software.
  • Russian Biometric Society: Building the Manufacturing Community.
  • Severe Working Conditions. How to Improve Protection and Performance of Biometric Devices.
  • Face Recognition. Specific Features, Benefits and Drawbacks. Best Practices in Russia.
  • Palm/Finger Vein Identification. Recent Advances, Benefits and Drawbacks Compared to Fingerprint Identification. Target Markets. Best Practices in Russia.
  • Multi-Biometric Readers. The Great Experiment or Products in Demand? Overview of the Russian and Global Market. Business Cases.
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Who Visits the Conference

  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Head of Department
  • Raiffeisenbank, Senior Security Officer
  • MORTON Group, Head of Department
  • LANIT, Head of Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • BELTEL, Chief Project Engineer
  • Gazprombank, Senior Security Officer
  • Sberbank of Russia, Head of Security Department
  • Asteros Group, Head of Engineering Department
  • Asteros Group, Area Manager
  • Asteros Group, Head of Security Department
  • Moscow City Council, Deputy Head of Department
  • Toyota NIKA MOTORS Holding, Low Current Systems Engineer
  • Bank Tulskiy Promyshlennik, CISO
  • LEADER GROUP, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Centrinvest, Head of Automatic Control Department
  • LEADER GROUP, Chief Development Officer
  • Stroy-Vest, Senior Engineer
  • The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Head of Department
  • Sberbank of Russia, Deputy Head of Security Department
  • Renaissance Credit, Head of Information Security Risk Management Department
  • USSR Fitness Clubs, Security Manager
  • Hals-Development, Senior Low Current Systems and Automation Engineer
  • Domodedovo International Airport, Corporate Security Analyst
  • Builders Association of Russia, Head of ICT Department
  • VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium, Senior Engineer

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